(fire extinguisher not included)


Larsen's Semi-Recessed Fire-Rated Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (MP5/MP10) - Vertical Duo Door Style - Flame-Shield® Option

Warnock-Hersey certified and listed Larsen's Flame-Shield fire-rate option for one hour combustible and non-combustible wall systems to meet the requirements of UBC Standard 43-B (ASTM E-814).

All boxes for cabinets with the Flame-Shield fire-rated option have a double wall of cold rolled steel with baked acrylic enamel finish. The space between the double walls is lined entirely with 5/8" thick fire barrier material. Anchoring device included.

Steel Door with Baked white enamel finish. Steel Cabinet has full 1/2" thick hollow metal heavy gauge door. 

 Cabinet Recess  3-1/2"
 Recommended Extinguisher  5lbs. or 10lbs. Extinguisher
 Rough Opening Dimensions  26-1/8" x 11-5/8" x 4"

The Larsen-Loc® provides access to a locked cabinet, without requiring the breaking of glass. During an emergency, it permits the cabinet door to be opened simply by pulling sharply on the handle. Factory applied decal reads: "IN CASE OF FIRE ONLY - PULL FIRMLY ON HANDLE" (priced above)