• Class A and Class K
  • Wet Chemical
  • UL Rating: 2A:K

The Larsen's WC-6L Wet Chemical fire extinguisher is designed specifically for kitchen grease fire hazards and meet the K class listing now required for all extinguishers installed in restaurant kitchen. This extinguisher contains a special potassium acetate based, low PH agent, which leaves no chemical residue to clean up.  The spray applicator wand keeps the operator at a safe distance from the fire.  The extinguishers are shipped charged.

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Capacity:  6 liters
Diameter:  7 inches
Overall Height:  25 inches
Overall Width:  9 inches
UL Rating:  2A:K
A-Class Fire Capacity:  2.5 gal
K-Class Fire Capacity:  TRUE
Standard Bracket:  1007
Optional Bracket:  B1
Agent:  Wet Chemical